August 2010 - Present

KILAMAINE- Aug 2010 -> ; Line up Thorin- Guitar & vocals, Danny Bunn-Rhythm Guitar, Naim Kirk Ibrahim Bass & Chris George-Drums percussion & windchimes from April 2011. Other band members Jezz Bass & Robert Hunter Drums

With a Broad music style KilaMaine appeal to Rock, Metal & Thrash Fans alike. 

Classic Hard Rocking Riffs with Anthem style Chorus's mixed with an interactive Live Show makes the punter feel a part of THE PRIDE!

Hybrid band of KilaHurtz & Maine
Formed in August 2010 a series of rehearsals were put together for Thorins wedding, a one off, but as time went on the monster began to breathe life & was fast becoming much more!
With no stable drummer up to early 2011 & Thorins second diagnosis of cancer, things got halted once more. Not to be detered they tried out Chris on drums during Thorins' treatment. From the first song pretty much the guys were sold & welcomed him into the clan. A show with old Rivals Catwitch got booked giving the band a positive outlook. With the debut show fast approaching the band had 6 rehearsals to get Chris up to speed & Thorin fit after his treatment. This was to be Kierans final performance but unfortunately was to sick to attend. This was a hugely successful night at the Espy with 500+ people attending the fund raiser known as K'O'R fest. Sadly Kiearan passed away 5 days after the event.

Jezz in the weeks leading up to the debut show annouced he was leaving us & In September 2011 Naim Kirk Ibrahim was announced as his replacement.  We finished the year with a bang with our 2nd appearance for the year at Back In The Day with good Friends BAD KARMA

2012 has begun with a bang 3 shows in 2 weeks in Feb/Mar with bands Mortification, Pegazus, Incrypt & in Canberra at the Basement with Sydney Female fronted TEMTRIS. We are Heading into the Studio at the End of April to begin the Debut Album & be the Headline guest act at the Espy on May 6

We are taking the best music from 20years of our history, modernising it & Rocking it.

KilaMaine History

1990 - 2005

BAPTIZED BY FIRE 1990-93, KILAHURTZ 1993-94, MAINE 1994-97, 2005

Bapitized by Fire - 1990-1993  Their humble beginnings in a crappy studio in Abbotsford in August 1990 is where their classic metal song writing origins began. The first line up began a 2 guitar thing.  Thorin (guitar), Lawrence Foggo (guitar), Scott Allsop (drums), Midge Manning (vocals) & Clinton (Bass). Lawrence & Clinton both left the band in early 91. Jezz came in on Bass from May 91 & the 2 guitar ideal was dropped. They spent 2 years learning their craft & performing in front of schools & in local halls. The band was also heavily involved in the HITZ FM first test broadcast with them doing the 30sec breakers for the try out radio station, Thorin also spent his 21st birthday on air doing the Heavy Metal program. When it became clear the station was going to ignore the Rock/Metal music in future test broadcasts, the band terminated involvement. Around the time of early 93 it was getting clear that Midge was struggling with his vocals & Thorin held a secret rehearsal with out him only for Midge to walk in on it! Midge quit on the spot leaving 3 & Kilahurtz was born.

Kilahurtz - 1993-1994 Thorin (guitar & vocals), Jezz (bass) , Scott Allsop (drums). Anthony Wong (Guitar 94)
This era took the band down a few different roads, sound & influence wise. Jezz was experimenting with funk & jazz bass rhythms & Pantera was new on the scene bringing a heavier darker component to the material. Playing local pubs under up & coming bands. Headlining a local festival & punching out a 5 track demo recording in 16 hrs. There was several additional musicians along the period but the 3 piece was where it was at the core! Kilahurtz came to an end in mid 1994. Jezz was going to persue other efforts & it felt pointless trying to replace him so the band folded.

MAINE - 1994 -1997, 2005: Thorin (Guitar & Vocals) , Peter Searle ( Bass), Rob Hunter (Drums) & later Danny Bunn (rhythm guitar), Adam Fox (Bass 97), Nick Paez (Drums 05)
Forming new bands is never easy & Thorin teamed up with Rob Hunter to form Maine. Peter was a young brash kid who had seen both Baptized & KHZ. He wanted to try & fill Jezz's shoes. He Did! although not with the same ideals as Jezz, Peter was an excellent finger player & brought Thorin back to his rocking throng! The classic metal influences were all back & this is where the sound comes from. Classic metal rooting with thrash & funk undertones made this band unique. when former CATWITCH member Danny came into the Feb 1995 IN FOR THE KILL recording sessions to do backing vocals, he was eager to join the band. So when he joined the project was complete. The song writing had also grown with Danny's addition.